Rob Brew Portfolio

Rob Brew

Freelance programmer

Email address:
I have completed a Master's in Advanced Computer Science at Kent University for which I have achieved a Merit.

Skill Set:

  • Databases:Mysql, Cassandra and MongoDB.
  • Backend / Desktop languages: Java, C++ (including GTK and Qt), PHP, Bash.
  • Mobile languages: Flutter, Android (Java), iOS (Swift).
  • Web languages: JQuery, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Linux: Nginx, active directory, bash scripting, Samba, RAID, Apache, NFS, DNS servers,
    I’m running a distributed Git core server and mail relay using Raspberry PI clones.

Business website:
The point i'm making is there is no way to know either way, as is the nature of belief.

LPI Certification:

I am an accredited Linux Professional Institute Linux engineer, details of which are here (online link):

Open source projects:

Public github repository.

  • Flutter Get Messages: Overcomes a shortfall in Flutter's Firebase notification service, it stores messages in a database on the phone for later use.Link
  • Eeze eyes: Turns the monitor off every half hour for 5 minutes, no way to bypass this apart from remote login. Good for developers who *need* a break.Link
  • Underground: GPS location system which does not require any hardware beyond wireless access points already available on the tube.Link
  • Overground: GPS location system for public transport, using better wifi as provided on bus minicomputers.Link
  • Broken: Returns an http status code based on system checks run by a linux script.Link

Kent University (Msc):

  • Student rep for the MSc stream (2017).
  • Received a merit
  • Dissertation text.
  • Dissertation code (proof of concept - alpha).

Open University:

  • BSc (Hons) Computer science 2:2.

Other work:

  • Festival welfare stewarding: Looking after the welfare of people at festivals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • War resister's international: Systems administrator for project running Linux desktops and servers.
  • Community technology: Working recycling computers, provisioning Ubuntu Linux and building install images.


References available on request.